Broken Springs

Lifetime Warranty on All Garage Door Springs Replacement

All garage doors rely on heavy-duty springs to operate. Most garage door manufacturers use torsion springs to perform the heavy lifting. Mile High Garage stocks quality torsion springs and our technicians are trained to evaluate and fix your broken garage door springs.

Quality You Can Count on

Our highest quality garage door torsion springs are rated for 25,000 to 50,000 cycles, (opening & closing your garage door once equals ONE cycle) compared to standard springs, which are only good for around 5,000 to 10,000 cycles. With our life-time guarantee you will never have to worry about your springs again.

Overhaul includes new Springs, Rollers, Cables, Pulleys & Bearings
$60 OFF
$60 off Replacement of Two Garage Door Springs

Spring Replacement Process

  • Replacing Both Springs Garage doors are typically installed with 2 springs at once. If one of your garage door’s springs happen to break, it is likely that the other is coming to the end of its life cycle as well. We will inspect your garage door to determine whether a broken spring is the problem, if so our technicians will recommend replacing both springs.
  • Choosing the Correct Springs Garage doors come in all styles, sizes, and weights, and Mile High Garage’s technicians are trained to install the spring that is best suited for your door, given its size, weight etc. After installing the new garage door springs, our techs will verify the right springs have been used by performing a balance test.
  • Safety Matters to Us Mile High Garage understands the importance of safety for you and your family. After doing a balance test, our technicians, will provide a safety inspection to ensure everything is working as it should, FREE of charge.