Garage Door Repair

Mile High Garage is prepared to fix all kinds of doors including cables. One of the most common issues found in older doors is a misaligned cable. This is something that people should not attempt to fix themselves. It is a specialized job that only a professional can do.

Mile High Garage is prepared to realign clients’ cables in no time and get garage doors running properly once again. At the same time, they perform emergency release maintenance and can fix anything that goes wrong.

The emergency release is one part of the garage that people hope that they never have to use. However, it can be a lifesaver in cases they do. Every door in the Metro Denver Area has an emergency release. Unfortunately, very few individuals ever have theirs assessed. This is vital to make sure that people can still open their door in case of a blackout.

Aside from that, the technicians at Mile High Garage can also do track alignment. A door often does a lot of work. Due to this, it can easily be detached from its track. This often causes a disruption in the door’s normal function and a lot of noise. Mile High Garage offers this repair service for their clients’ door tracks.

Reverse and Force Safety Tests are also another service that is provided when technicians come to fix a client’s door. People do not want pets to run under the door at the wrong time. Mile High Garage’s Metro Denver technicians can come out and make sure that the door is properly calibrated and ensure no accidents happen.

Broken Spring Repair

One of the most important parts that keep a door working is its springs. A door spring is what helps balance the weight of the door as it is lowered and raised. If the springs are not working properly, the door will not function correctly. At the same time, it can put a person and their family in peril if it is loose or broken.

High Mile Garage Technicians are prepared to repair and replace door springs. Additionally, they use proper techniques and tools in order to get the job done right the first time. They also have an in-depth understanding of how the springs work in conjunction with other important parts found in the door. Learn More About Our Broken Spring Replacement Services

Garage Door Installations

All Mile High Garage technicians are certified and trained to help people install their new door. Installing a door is often a complicated and time consuming job. Because of this, installation is a job for the professionals at Mile High Garage.

A garage door consists of a wide variety of parts. Proper skills and techniques need to be used in order to install these parts properly. If it is not installed properly, a moving door can be hazardous. Whatever type of door a person needs, High Mile Garage can do the installation.

Apart from that, they will do the job completely and remove the guess work. Additionally, they provide other services that are related to garage installation such as section replacements and rolling code and dipswitch technology. Learn More About Our New Garage Door Services

Garage Door Openers – Installation and Repair

A garage door is an important of a Metro Denver home. Additionally, a garage door opener is the main way that people open and close it. A person’s garage protects their vehicle among other things. However, it is often no longer a reliable source of protection if their door is not closing and opening properly.

High Mile Garage completely understands how vital it is for people to have their garage door opener working properly. It is also one of the reasons why they train their technicians to be highly proficient in installing and repairing all the different areas that have a huge effect on door functions. At the same time, they have many different options for openers. Learn More About Our Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair Services